Corporate & Hospitality Solutions

Sky Horizon Property Management System

Sky Horizon® Property Management system is designed to give the hotel management full control over the front desk and guest transactions such as reservations, groups, walk-ins, financial transactions, folios, deposits, housekeeping, night audit, profile management, revenue history, in-house guests, forecast analysis, availability, guest and room history. The system is equipped with an advanced interface gateway, which enables online interaction between the front desk and other hotel facilities such as point-of-sale outlets, health clubs, telephone switchboards, receivable/income accounting, door-lock keys, T.V. systems, Internet, and others.

Sky Horizon Online Booking

The way people book a holiday or business travel is changing. Once they have decided which country they would like to visit or when their business trip will take place, most potential guests to your hotel are now searching online to find out where they would like to stay. They use websites and online travel agencies to compare available rates. They also use reference sites like TripAdvisor to find out which hotels other visitors recommend. If your hotel wants to become visible to online customers, it needs to be listed with online travel agents and accommodation websites.

Sky Horizon PMS Card Reader

Sky Horizon® PMS Card Reader is designed to offer an automatic method to read credit card and frequent flyer cards information and fill it in specific fields. This will provide fast and accurate method of reading electronic data, providing more security features and avoiding manual errors.

Sky Horizon Restaurant Management

Sky Horizon® Restaurant Management system is a comprehensive solution that is capable of catering to the most complicated requirements of a whole range of modern restaurants through its modular design. At the heart of the system stands the Point of Sale (POS) Management system with its scalable design aiming to serve the smallest outlets as well as the largest multi-outlet dine-in restaurants. On top of the Point of Sale Management System, we offer a range of modules allowing a vertical growth, thus meeting the needs and expectations of even the most complex environments.

Sky Horizon Restaurant Reservations Management

Sky Horizon® Restaurant Reservations Management helps your business manage restaurant bookings, customers, and tables easily. The system manages reservations more efficiently while monitoring reservation performance over time in order to help achieving repeated business. The system’s objective is to optimize reservation management, free more resources, and provide a personalized customer service to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, retention, and profit.

Sky Horizon Telephone Management System

Sky Horizon® Telephone Management system is a dedicated call accounting, logging, and interface system aiming to facilitate the management control over hotel telephone revenue and cost.   The system is operational over a wide range of telephone PABXs (Private Access Board Exchange) with interface to different PMS systems worldwide, the system is also distinguished with its advanced interfaces with voicemail systems.

Sky Horizon Flashback Financial Mangement

Sky Horizon® Flashback accounting system is designed and developed with the objective of helping hotels and corporate management to manage their business financials and acquire full control over various daily and periodic financial activities including bank auditing and budgeting. With its multi-modular architecture, controlled interfaces with third-party systems, advanced security roles, and flexible reports, Flashback can be considered to be your full-featured financial solution.

Sky Jana Materials Management system

Sky Jana Materials Management system is a comprehensive specialized web-based cloud-ready system that is designed to operate on property, cluster and corporate levels. Jana controls all aspects of food items, beverage items, and rest of materials in the complex environment of hotels and restaurants. Jana covers in great depth and details all areas related to material movements and control including paperless purchase order cycle, receiving of goods, requisitions, transfers, property-to-property relocation of goods, perpetual inventory and spot checks, cost control, cost of sales and consumption analysis, recipe management, menu design and back office financial interface. Jana is fully open to the outside environment through multiple interfaces to Point of Sale and back office systems.

Sky Horizon Fixed Assets Management

Sky Horizon® Fixed Assets Management system tracks in great depth of analysis all corporate assets including their serial ID numbers, categories, cost centers, departmental financial allocation, types, movements, transfers, disposals, physical locations, and value depreciation according to modern accounting standards. The system provides a great number of reports covering all those areas. Detailed profile for each item is saved including the possibility of tagging the assets via barcode labels and reading the asset data through portable data collectors.

Bayan Human Resources Management System

Bayan Human Resources Management system is an advanced specialized web-based cloud-ready system that is designed to operate on property, cluster and corporate levels, with the objective of maintaining employee data in a way that simplifies the processing of all HR and payroll transactions that affect the employee status, ending with providing an unlimited set of detailed and summarized reporting facilities. The system also facilitates full integration between the essential operations of the employee attendance control, human resources and personnel operations, employee training, medical insurance, and payroll with back office JV interface. Hence, it prevents any unnecessary double work and errors, improves efficiency, and simplifies information distribution and reporting.

Bayan Training Management System

Bayan® Training Management System gives the establishment the ability to manage the entire process of new or existing employee training, taking into consideration the training targets, needs, cost, schedule and evaluation. The system provides wide spectrum of customized reports. Bayan Training Management System is fully integrated with Bayan HR system.

Bayan Workflow System

Many HR processes are based on conventional paper-based, error-prone, and inefficient methods that lead to incorrect and misrouted information causing substantial delays in the process. A solution is needed to address the problems and challenges faced by every manager in every organization. HR processes affect every employee in every department and therefore managing human resources has become quite complicated and a time-consuming job. The organizations have taken a challenge to find more effective ways to manage their administrative HR processes and at the same time maintain and increase their productivity.

Bayan Time Keeping Management System

Bayan® Time Keeping Management System gives the establishment the ability to manage employees’ attendance, leaves and vacations in an efficient, fast, accurate and smart way. The system also facilitates importing the required data automatically from time attendance device to the attendance sheet where it can be easy to track employees’ attendance, and get the required control over their leaves and vacations in multi- departments, multi-projects and complex environments. Bayan Time Keeping is integrated with Bayan HR and Payroll Management Systems and can be interfaced to third party HR and Payroll systems, thus data can be easily imported within those systems, which builds an integrated loop that is efficient enough to adjust employees’ attendance, absentees, vacations and leaves and manage their effect on employees’ payroll payslips.

Sky Bayan Recruitment Management

Sky Bayan Recruitment Management System (Sky Bayan Recruit) aims at providing a streamlined, efficient and cost-effective solution for automating the recruitment process. Through its smart data collection mechanism, Bayan Recruit allows the employer to identify job descriptions and requirements more efficiently and find the right candidates more quickly, powered by an interactive dashboard with insightful data analytics. The system is fully Web-based and integrated with Sky Bayan Human Resources Management System (HRMS) to automate the recruitment cycle, which saves time and prevents double work while eliminating data- entry errors.

Sky Horizon Engineering & Maintenance System

Sky Horizon® Engineering and Maintenance Management system aims to automate most tasks within the Engineering & Maintenance Department. It allows for better utilization of the department resources and provides a valuable tool to better understand the types of tasks and loads within the department, while preparing real-time tasks in an online, effective, and optimal manner. The system covers the whole range of Maintenance Request Management and Logging, Quality Control and Cost Control (spare items and labor cost) of the Engineering department, Equipment Corrective Maintenance and Preventive Maintenance, Utility Meters interfacing and logging, Room Preventive Maintenance in addition to the full capabilities of the typical Engineering and Maintenance Management system.

Sky Horizon Quality Management System

Sky Horizon® QMS implements the latest quality standards in hospitality in order to reach higher guest satisfaction levels and ensure that hotel services are delivered with the same quality all the time. Through the new full-featured Work Requests Monitor, hotel management and Guest Service Center staff agents would have access to all guest requests and problems instantly as they emerge so that proper actions have to be carried out promptly by the related service department. The automatic email alerts and SMS escalation options in Sky Horizon® QMS enable the HODs to be always notified about any delayed request while the advanced gateway interface will be reporting any failure to the entitled HOD or supervisor. The intelligent reporting system in Sky Horizon® QMS is capable of generating statistical, summarized, detailed, and graphical reports to expose the most frequent problems in addition to a wide range of efficiency indicators on the departmental and hotel overall performance that are available to the hotel management in order to take the right decisions and undertake the proper action based on report outputs.

Sky Horizon Quality Management Mobile System

Sky Horizon® Quality Management Mobile (QMS Mobile) has been developed following the vision of keeping customer service and satisfaction as primary and instant as possible. QMS Mobile's main objective is to provide instant alerts and notifications to hotel service agents and management about any guest request through a standard workflow and escalation service system. In addition to that, QMS Mobile provides the management with a top view of the service situation, thus showing errors, delays, and guest complaints on various levels; individual, departmental, and hotel levels. In addition, QMS Mobile provides full control for the engineering preventive maintenance system. Thus, allowing the engineering team to access preventive maintenance jobs and checklists. QMS Mobile is an online Web-based application that runs on various smart phones such as iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone 7, and others.

Sky Horizon QMS Guest Services Dashboard

Sky Horizon® QMS Guest Services Dashboard is developed with the objective of providing hotel management with instant, real-time and quick identification for essential KPIs reflecting the quality and efficiency of the overall hotel and departments guest services. The Initial feedback shows substantial improvement in satisfaction level and performance efficiency in the hotel.

Sky Horizon QEMS Interactive Voice Response System

Businesses today require the ability to interact with their customers effectively. They require a reliable and flexible way to assist their customers without tying up their valuable resources. Moreover, hotels' increasing focus on the robust and high quality of guest service demands the best communications between the guest and service departments in order to guarantee fast and effective response to guest requests, questions, demands, and problem reporting. In its effort to realize the above hotel needs in the most effective methods, Sky Software has developed and released its QEMS IVR (Interactive Voice Response) System to work in a seamless and integrated manner with the Hotel's Quality and Guest Services Management System, QEMS. Sky Horizon® QEMS IVR is built on proven technology that provides a cost-effective, scalable, feature-rich, and robust solution to meet the hotel demands of today and tomorrow.

Sky Horizon Spark Membership & Spa Management

Sky Horizon® Spark Membership & Spa Management System helps in managing various club, gym, spa, fitness center and wellness club activities including memberships, profiles, booking and reservations, registrations, members’ history, expiry dates, walk-in guests, membership payments, direct billing, membership installments, inventory control, management notifications, fitness assessment, online Web guest portals, and retail and point of sale in addition to integration with front office and PBX system interfaces for in-house guests inquiry and charge postings. The system is also equipped with a comprehensive set of reports including financial and revenue analysis, trainers follow-up and commissioning, in addition to guests attendance control via magnetic cards.